Chris Green

U.S. Director,

Northern Division Director

Darren Lindblom

Deputy Director of U.S.,

Western Division Director

Art Allen

Director of Southern Division and Training

Meet The Team

David Shuping

Director of Eastern Division and Operations

Lindsay Coppinger

U.S. Chief's Council Director

Amy Kyser

U.S. Women's Ministry Director,

Family Outreach Network Leader

Anna Huskisson

U.S. Ministry Coordinator

Beth Luebe

New York City First Responder Leader

Jim Luebe

New York City Director

Cassidy Green

Creative Content Coordinator

Tom Hatch

Fellowship of the Warrior Operations Leader

Brian Ely

Fellowship of the Warrior Outdoor Activity Coordinator

Travis Akins

Regional Director

Doug Heric

Regional Director

Jeremy Wade

Regional Director

Paul Lee

FCPO Liaison,

Police Network Leader

Craig Duck

FCFI Liaison

Fire Network Leader

Laura Shuping

Finance Coordinator

John Castles

Chair of the U.S. Chief's Council (Emeritus)

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