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What We Do

The Navigators First Responder Ministry develops mature disciples of Christ within police, fire, and EMS agencies who, in turn, make disciples among their family, colleagues, and community. First responders are equipped to care for each other’s spiritual needs and offer hope as they engage with a broken world. We do this by meeting first responders and their families where they are on their personal faith journey. Through Life-to-Life® discipleship we build authentic relationships that help people grow into a deeper relationship with Christ.

What We do

Who We Serve

Who we serve


Police officers, deputies, border patrol, TSA and dispatch...


Fire fighters and dispatch...

Emergency Services

Paramedics, Emergency Room Personnel, EMTs...

Women and Families

Female First Responders, Spouses and their families

Featured Resourses


Check out our list of discipleship resources, videos, podcasts and more.

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